weste (t3chwh0r3) wrote in pro_condom,

Revolution in condom technology!

I used to hate condoms. When I say hate, I mean I would rather jerk off than use one with a partner. My girlfriend at the time also hated them due to the fact that it made her girl parts sting and burn. She was avidly against the pill due to hormones making her already large breasts any bigger. Being big fans of sex, we ended up defaulting to withdrawal combined with the rhythm method. That option became less and less desirable every time her period was even a day late and I found myself having very sincere conversations with god on the way to the Wallgreens to get an early pregnancy test. Finally, on one of my Wallgreens trips, I decided that this stupid and reckless behavior had to stop. I went to the condom aisle to see if there were any alternatives. It was then that I found the miracle condom – the Trojan Supra non-latex condom. They are super thin but strong and non-latex. We tried them and WOW! It was like not wearing one at all. Turns out that she was allergic to latex so the stinging was gone. I could feel everything and with my mind at ease the sex got better (not that it wasn’t great before). Also, that shitty balloon smell that other condoms had was non-existent. I would recommend them to anyone – except maybe gay men, and people who like it from behind or in the ass. The only times that they have ever broken was when it was from behind. I don’t do anal but I would imagine it would be the same. Something about the angle I would think. Give ‘em a try!
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