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Tuesday, June 7th, 2005
6:54 pm
Girlfriend, listen up. If you are going to make it with him make sure he wears a condom. He may not want to at first but once you explain to him how awesome condoms are he will change his mind. It also helps to have an ample variety of condoms available within arm's reach. Explain to him it's like going to the Old Country Buffet but instead of picking what kind of ice creams he wants to eat he gets to pick out what kind of condom he wants! There are many varieties. Like Pokeman, gotta try 'em all!
Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
10:33 am
Saturday, December 18th, 2004
7:57 pm
Revolution in condom technology!
I used to hate condoms. When I say hate, I mean I would rather jerk off than use one with a partner. My girlfriend at the time also hated them due to the fact that it made her girl parts sting and burn. She was avidly against the pill due to hormones making her already large breasts any bigger. Being big fans of sex, we ended up defaulting to withdrawal combined with the rhythm method. That option became less and less desirable every time her period was even a day late and I found myself having very sincere conversations with god on the way to the Wallgreens to get an early pregnancy test. Finally, on one of my Wallgreens trips, I decided that this stupid and reckless behavior had to stop. I went to the condom aisle to see if there were any alternatives. It was then that I found the miracle condom – the Trojan Supra non-latex condom. They are super thin but strong and non-latex. We tried them and WOW! It was like not wearing one at all. Turns out that she was allergic to latex so the stinging was gone. I could feel everything and with my mind at ease the sex got better (not that it wasn’t great before). Also, that shitty balloon smell that other condoms had was non-existent. I would recommend them to anyone – except maybe gay men, and people who like it from behind or in the ass. The only times that they have ever broken was when it was from behind. I don’t do anal but I would imagine it would be the same. Something about the angle I would think. Give ‘em a try!
Friday, December 17th, 2004
10:58 am
Juat this morning I said to my wife "You wanna fuck?" . She shook her head a little and said "not really". I sat there lying in bed thinking about a strategy. When she came back into the room I said "Do you want to fuck with a condom?". She very excitedly said yes and pulled down her pants. You see, she wanted to fuck all along but didn't want to walk around with jism in her all day. The awesomeness of the condom saved the day.
12:01 pm
Rough rider
There are lots of fun condom types out there. French tickles, ribbers, dry, glowers, flavors, and shorties are just a few of the many types out there to try! Condoms are awesome! Which kinds are you favorite?

Current Mood: curious
11:35 am
I met a dude the other night at a bar. I had never had any gay sex before but he said "Let's have gay sex!" so I said "Whoa, I'm not gay, dude." He was like "Let's gay out, though!" or whatever, so I was like "Ok, sure, fine." and I took out my condom. He was like "No let's not use a condom!!!" and I said "Why not? Condoms are awesome!!!" He said "They are?" and I said "Yeah, totally." Then we gayed.

So anyway, I'm a gay now, or whatever.
11:24 am
Condoms Rule
I've been dating my girlfriend Mindy for like 6 months. The first time we had sex I didn't want to use a condom, but she said "Condoms are AWESOME!!" I was like "What? Condoms are awesome?" and she's like "Yes!, they're awesome!" so we used a condom and she was right! Condoms are awesome!
Thursday, December 16th, 2004
10:49 pm
I was at this party one time, and this girl invited me up to her room. I got in there and we were going to have sex. She said "hey, you don't have to use a condom." So I said "Condoms are awesome!" It was awesome!
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